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Learn How Authvia Has Played a Significant Role in The Success Of These Merchants.

Merchant Success Stories

How we worked together to achieve more.

SureGuard Increases Payment Acceptance Rate by 95% with Authvia

SureGuard Results with Authvia: SureGuard—a provider of vehicle service contracts—was looking for a solution to help eliminate chargebacks, increase payment acceptance rate, and provide a better customer experience. Within the first 30 days of utilizing Authvia’s patented TXT2PAY® solution, they were able to close more deals, while driving incremental revenue. Challenges:SureGuard provides a comprehensive range... »

Red Rook Payment Solutions Case Study | Authvia

Seattle Aviation Solutions Case Study | Authvia

Streamlining payment processing. It’s done via AUTHVIA.

Mt. Carmel Case Study | Authvia

Simplifying health services. It’s done via AUTHVIA.

The Sacramento River Cats Case Study | Authvia

Spreading holiday cheer (and cash!) It’s done via AUTHVIA.

Orthodox Auto Case Study | AuthVia

Orthodox Auto wanted to provide a secure and simple way for customers to do business with them. They leveraged TXT2PAY to reduce risk and improve efficacy, resulting in strong customer reviews and a more effective way of processing payments. Orthodox Auto, located in Philadelphia, PA struggled in two main areas: Providing a simple and secure... »

Vespa Case Study I AuthVia

Vespa Brooklyn wanted to provide contactless payment methods and have a more convenient workflow for staff and customers. They were able to collect payment faster, increase customer satisfaction, and improve their bottom line. Vespa Brooklyn, a Vespa dealership located in New York, faced a challenge in two main areas: providing a simple and contactless payment... »

Florida Coast Equipment Case Study | AuthVia

Florida Cost Equipment has seen increased efficacies, less paperwork, and a more secure and satisfying customer experience. Florida Coast Equipment’s four locations struggled in two main areas: providing a simple and secure payment method for customers and developing an efficient workflow for customer communication. Since signing up for TXT2PAY for Zipwhip, Florida Coast Equipment has... »

All Court Printing | Contactless Payments Benefits

All Court Printing enjoyed increased customer satisfaction and payment efficiency while maintaining social distancing and closing protocols. They were able to completely change their business to be more streamlined, contactless and secure. All Court Printing, located in Passaic, New Jersey, struggled in two main areas: Taking payment information in a secure manner over the phone... »

Park Lake Creamery | Accelerate AR/Cash Flow

They were able to increase efficiency by allowing their customers to access the menu, order online, and pay via text with AuthVia’s TXT2PAY. Park Lake Creamery, located in Bath, Michigan, struggled in two main areas: Navigating how to accept payments in a completely contactless way and leveraging one branded phone number for their business. After... »

EPS Case Study | AuthVia

Exterminating slow payments. It’s done via AUTHVIA.

Simple, Pay Ahead & Pay Contacless | AuthVia

PetVet365 was able to use TXT2PAY during the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in safer experiences for staff and employees while streamlining payments and work processes. PetVet365’s three locations in Kentucky struggled in two main areas: navigating how to accept payments in a completely contactless way and providing a simple customer experience. After signing up for TXT2PAY for... »

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