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All Court Printing | Contactless Payments Benefits

All Court Printing enjoyed increased customer satisfaction and payment efficiency while maintaining social distancing and closing protocols. They were able to completely change their business to be more streamlined, contactless and secure.

  • Industry: Retail
  • Company Size: Small
  • Number of TXT2PAY Users: 3

All Court Printing, located in Passaic, New Jersey, struggled in two main areas: Taking payment information in a secure manner over the phone and fulfilling contactless customer orders.

After signing up for TXT2PAY for Zipwhip, they have been able to leverage both SMS and MMS to simplify customer orders, collect and process contactless payments, while also simplifying interactions to save the shop time.


Covid-19 has led to major shifts in the way retail stores and services conduct business, and AllCourt Printing has felt that impact. Since its inception, the custom T-shirt shop has been using standard methods of payment and enjoying regular interactions with customers, a majority of those taking place in person.

However, when the coronavirus emerged, the shop did not have a solution that enabled customers to communicate with them outside of phone calls, and no way to manage multiple customers’ orders simultaneously without speaking to them over the phone. This caused security concerns for the shop, as all orders would now have to be completed over the phone, including processing credit card information.

Due to requirements around social distancing, AllCourt needed a simple way for customers to pay for their orders. Usually this would be handled securely in person but being unable to accept traditional forms of payment this way because of safety concerns, the shop needed a new solution that allowed customers to securely submit their credit card information.

AllCourt also wanted a way to complete transactions while eliminating the need to talk to each customer by phone. In the past, once a design was created, the customer would complete the transaction using a traditional payment method of a credit card, debit card or cash. This slowed down the shop’s end-to-end process as they needed to stop what they were doing to process a customer’s payment. Solving this problem would allow the staff to continue working on orders while customers completed the transaction process on their own.

AllCourt needed a complete business texting solution that not only helped to alleviate the bottleneck of communicating with multiple customers, but also created a secure transaction solution that saved the shop both time and money.

“TXT2PAY is A LOT easier, instead of doing all the processing myself, confirming the order, and charging the customer. I can quickly request the payment through text and continue on another project.”

Andrew Rosa


AllCourt Printing is now using Zipwhip to accept custom orders by SMS and using MMS to share design elements with customers over text. Simultaneously, TXT2PAY has enabled a secure payment process where customers can input their own credit or debit card information which enables the staff to begin working on their custom creations sooner.

The shop has also greatly decreased the need for in-person or over-the-phone consultations by encouraging customers to send both SMS and MMS texts to finalize designs, which has allowed the shop and its customers to remain socially distant. Since their customers are already comfortable with texting, it was a very easy transition to leverage text messaging to enhance and simplify their customer consultations.

After finalizing a design, the customer is given the option to pay via text with TXT2PAY. Customers then receive a secure, text-based payment request from the shop. Most customers who have been given the option to pay via text have been happy to finalize their transactions with TXT2PAY. Not only has this simplified new customer sales for AllCourt, it has simplified the process for their large base of return customers as well. Once a customer’s information has been securely added to their online wallet, they only need to provide the last four digits of their cell phone number to complete a transaction. This has significantly reduced the time and effort needed to collect payments, which allows the shop to focus on creating more customer designs.

Encouraging customers to leverage text-based payments has dramatically reduced the amount of payments that are processed over the phone. A vast majority of AllCourt’s customers have adopted payments via text which has removed a major hurdle for the shop in terms of security. Customers, especially return customers, were eager to use TXT2PAY.

Not only has Zipwhip simplified customer communications, TXT2PAY has enabled AllCourt Printing to completely change their business to be more streamlined, contactless and secure.

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