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Authvia Joins 8×8 Technology Partner Ecosystem to Drive Customer Engagement

www.authvia.com info@authvia.com FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Authvia Joins 8×8 Technology Partner Ecosystem to Drive Customer Engagement [El Segundo, December 2023] – Authvia, a provider of cutting-edge Text-to-Pay and Conversational Commerce Solutions is proud to announce its partnership with 8×8 as a member of the 8×8 Technology Partner Ecosystem. This collaboration with 8×8, Inc. (NASDAQ: EGHT), a... »

Four Benefits of TXT2PAY®

SMS texting was first invented in 1984 by Friedhelm Hillebrand and Bernard Ghillebaert, but the first text wouldn’t be sent until December 3, 1992, and it wasn’t until the early 2000s that texting became popular. Now, texting is an integral part of how we communicate. According to a 2023 SMS comparison report, 95% of all... »

Traditional v. AUTHVIA Transactions: Welcome to the Future

Your business runs faster-than-fast, so why are your transactions slower-than-slow?   Hint: Because you’re still using the traditional transactional model. Which means your payments are partying like it’s 1999. AUTHVIA modernizes payments. So, let’s talk about how you can take a step in the right decade and drastically improve the way your business completes transactions.   The... »

What is PCI Compliance – and why should you care?

We get it, not everyone speaks acronym. But the meaning behind this corporate jargon really matters in protecting you and your customers’ sensitive data. So, let’s break it down.   Let’s set the scene.  If you collect your customers’ sensitive payment info over the phone, you’re exposing them to an entire world of risks. Their data... »

Today Payments Announces Strategic Partnership with Authvia

New partnership to bring patented conversational commerce solutions to QuickBooks customers with patented text-to-pay technology. San Diego, CA: Today Payments, Inc., one of the fastest-growing electronic funds transfer processors in the United States, today announced a new partnership with Authvia. This partnership brings a fully integrated experience to Today Payments merchants currently using QuickBooks. Merchants... »

3 Benefits of Conversational Commerce for Businesses and Customers

Consumer habits have shifted dramatically in the last 20 years and the pace of change continues to accelerate. The evolution of the customer experience has shifted from long lines at a brick-and-mortar store to mail-order catalogs with limited options for payment to the internet and online orders. Customers were constrained by slow, inconvenient customer journeys.... »

Authvia Helps Appliance Factory Reduce Fraud and Increase Speed-to-Payment

Key results: → 73% of payments completed in <15 minutes→ 6.2 minutes average time-to-payment→ 10.5+ hours saved each week About Appliance Factory The nation’s largest, independent discount appliance and mattress retailer, Appliance Factory has grown into 26 locations in Colorado, Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. Founded in 1986, Appliance Factory specializes in special orders, discounted sleep... »

Trendy vs. Long Term Trends | AuthVia

Trendy vs. Long Term Trends: Why Social Commerce is Here to Stay Unlike other social media trends, online shopping through social media platforms is here to stay. Learn more about social commerce and see why Authvia is the perfect solution for this new revenue opportunity. Social commerce soared in popularity over the past few years,... »

Contactless Text Invoicing I AuthVia

AuthVia Blog – Complete Guide to Pay by Text Solutions: # Reasons Why You Need TXT2PAY® Could the time you spend sending payment reminders through the mail be better invested? Could the revenue tied up in receivables be put to work today if you had the cash on hand? Do you want to reduce your... »

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