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Developer Friendly

Freedom of Choice and Flexible Implementation

Authvia can help you:

  • Implement the Conversational Commerce APIs and tools that are right for your business
  • Provide Conversational Commerce best practices and guides
  • Keep key operational systems in sync with messaging and payment data 
  • Connect to one or more payment processors and messaging brokers that your business knows and trusts
API Reference
API Reference
Developer Guide
Developer Guide
Status Page
Status Page
Change Log
Change Log

Flexible, Intelligent Conversations

Build from scratch or use a pre-built solution? With Authvia you don’t have to choose. Take advantage of feature-rich payment conversations that handle the heavy lifting of conversational commerce, then extend and customize your implementation using our commerce tools. All Authvia products are extensively documented with code examples and reference materials. 

Automate Payment Workflows

There is a wealth of data available with every transaction. Identify the key events you’re interested in – such as a successful payment – and route this information to the correct location using webhooks, APIs and pre-built connectors for 3rd party applications.

Choose the implementation that’s right for your business

Authvia’s platform gives developers the opportunity to choose from pre-built solutions and a variety of à la carte options

  • Payment Conversations
  • Approval Conversations
  • Card Capture Conversations
  • Commerce Widgets
  • Webhooks and Reporting APIs
  • Transaction and Messaging APIs
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Choose your Payment Processors

Authvia stands apart from many in-market solutions with direct connections to the largest payments processors, and the capacity to reach hundreds more through additional gateway connections. Want to use one gateway for credit and debit card transactions but a different processor for ACH/eCheck? We’ve got you covered.

Explore Our Payment Processing Partners

Choose your Messaging Provider

If you want access to the entire market, you need a partner like Authvia with integrations to the largest communication platforms. That means you can send messages over Twilio, Text Request, Sinch, and many more.

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