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Why Authvia

Digital Payments Evolution


of all organizations now use messaging to have conversations with their consumers


of consumers are messaging with businesses today

Messaging is the FASTEST GROWING channel for business-to-consumer communications

Over the past 20 years each time there’s a new customer engagement channel a new payments channel emerges. Today, text and chat are driving faster, more efficient customer interactions. Those conversations can now end in a seamless transaction.

TXT2PAY®  Experience

Enabling organizations of any size to easily request and receive payments faster, safer, and simpler, while decreasing transaction time, and improving customer satisfaction.

A true Contact-Free payment solution.

Consumers expect fast, simple, and secure commerce experiences from the convenience of their mobile devices; no app to download, no login or passwords to remember. 


Meet customers where they are already // No new applications // Adaptive to profile and channel


95% of SMS messages are opened // 64% reduction in DSO // Payments in seconds


Decrease paper, increase electronic payments // Reduce order / appointment abandonment // Improve CRM and payment flows


Create asynchronous order-to-pay experience 6mm, 6ft or 600 miles, all the same // Customer initiated, interactive and more…


All PCI and user credentials remain with Authvia, Consumer and Processor


of Customers use

  • Consumers pay faster
  • Improve cash flow
  • Reduce paper
  • Increase electronic payments
  • Eliminate PCI Compliance concerns
  • Speed call times
  • Increase effectiveness of chat and IVR
  • Increase electronic payments
  • Deliver contact-free options
  • Reduce need for in-person

Freedom of Choice

Businesses want to leverage the important relationships they are already investing in.

Authvia’s Multi-Merchant, Multi-Payment Processor, Multi-Messaging platform allows software partners and enterprise clients to deliver the TXT2PAY experience consumers want while using the combination of messaging and payment partners they want.

TXT2PAY is just the tip of the iceberg. The Authvia Conversational Commerce Platform manages payment interactions across any conversational medium: text, chat, social, email, voice, IVR, etc. The conversation engine adapts the experience to the modality, automatically optimizing results and future-proofing the investment. 

What’s more, the platform manages the consumer’s mobile wallet, saving preferred payment methods and adding speed and security to any TXT2PAY request from any business. Additionally, Authvia manages compliance and regulatory requirements such as PCI, Nacha, TCPA, HIPAA, GDPR and CCPA.

The Platform for Conversational Commerce

Complete Platform for Conversational Commerce

Thousands of customers and hundreds of use cases later Authvia has the critical capabilities for the most discerning partners. 

  • You need to take payments? Capture cards for reservations? Get an auditable delivery confirmation?
  • You want to use your existing gateway? Need a new processor? Have clients that need both? 
  • Want us to manage messaging? Want to use Twilio? Maybe Text Request, Sinch, or Live Person?

We do that and so much more…

Start with the use cases you need today and future-proof your investment.

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