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Orthodox Auto Case Study | AuthVia

Orthodox Auto wanted to provide a secure and simple way for customers to do business with them. They leveraged TXT2PAY to reduce risk and improve efficacy, resulting in strong customer reviews and a more effective way of processing payments.

  • Industry: Automotive
  • Company Size: Small
  • Number of TXT2PAY Users: 3

Orthodox Auto, located in Philadelphia, PA struggled in two main areas: Providing a simple and secure payment method for customers and developing an efficient workflow for payment completion.

After signing up for TXT2PAY for Zipwhip, Orthodox Auto has been able to securely accept payments via text, greatly increase efficiency in closing sales for their sales staff, all while improving customer satisfaction. .


Orthodox Auto has been in business for over 50 years and is trusted in both their community and the industry at large. With more and more of our world moving to a streamlined, virtual way of life, businesses like Orthodox Auto want to stay ahead of the curve and provide a simple and secure way for their customers to do business with them. A major challenge that Orthodox faced was in completing customer orders over the phone in a secure way.

The shop had challenges with accepting and inputting payments via credit card over the phone. Not only was taking credit card payment information over the phone tedious for staff, but it was also not a smooth or secure experience for the customers. With multiple salespeople working with customers, the time inefficiencies added up and created bottlenecks across their workflows.

Additionally, taking credit card information over the phone leads to potential input errors as well as a slowdown in workflow. In the process of charging a customer, if a digit is incorrect the payment will not go through. This can result in a frustrated customer, plus a frustrated employee and wasted time on the phone. Orthodox Auto needed an efficient way to communicate with customers and take secure payments without disrupting their workflow.

“The best way that we’ve been able to use TXT2PAY is to fill that void and give us an added layer of security, as opposed to manually taking the credit card information over the phone and having the sales staff manually enter it in themselves. The biggest advantage, not only to Orthodox, but also to its customers, is that it’s very easy and efficient. Requests go right to their phone and they’re able to complete the payment”

Nick Evangelist
Vice President of Operations


Orthodox Auto is now leveraging TXT2PAY for Zipwhip to great success and have made TXT2PAY a key tool in their day-to-day workflow.

TXT2PAY’s secure payment platform has dramatically reduced the need for calls with customers to manually input credit card information. Customers who have been introduced to TXT2PAY have raved about the simplicity and already written reviews praising Orthodox Auto in their pursuit of a truly great customer experience. Repeat customers have seen the greatest simplification in the order and payment process.

Orthodox Auto is seeing increased adoption of TXT2PAY for Zipwhip from their repeat customers, which many of the shop’s customers are. After the first time using TXT2PAY, a customer’s payment information is securely saved into their virtual wallet, and all that is needed to complete a payment request via text is the last four digits of the customer’s cell phone number. This simplifies the payment process even further, requiring customers to only need their cell phone to complete payments and eliminates any potential for security risk. This has led to incredibly fast transactions from repeat customers on a consistent basis.

Orthodox Auto has also greatly improved their workflows since signing up for TXT2PAY, not only due to the reduced steps in processing payments, but also the seamless flow from text conversation to payment request, all within Zipwhip. Additionally, leveraging pre-loaded TXT2PAY templates within Zipwhip has made training and adoption among sales staff simple and effective.

Not only has Orthodox Auto leveraged TXT2PAY for improved customer satisfaction with a secure and streamlined payment process, they have also simplified the workflows of their sales staff, saving both time and money.

Orthodox Auto’s Favorite Features

Mobile security

Authvia is a certified level 1 PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) software providers

4-digit confirmation

Return customers can complete payment requests by entering the last four digits of their phone number


The team has increased their operational efficiency with saved payment request messages

Real-time payments

Staff can request and receive contactless payments from customers in seconds

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