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Partner case study
Red Rook Payment Solutions Case Study | Authvia

Rampart Payments, DBA Red Rook Payment Solutions, an optimized payment solution provider, was looking for a way to enhance their current offering. They wanted a solution that:

  • Addressed the lack of accessibility to their hosted payment portal
  • Could be used across any industry
  • Met their strict security standards

By utilizing our patented TXT2PAY® solution, Red Rook was able to provide their merchants with 24/7 on-the-go access to their payment portals, and merchants were able to provide customers with a way to pay on their ever-present smart device.

The cherry on top: AUTHVIA maintains the highest level of PCI compliance ensuring customer data is safe and secure.

Thumbs up

Results via Authvia:

  • Faster, and more accessible payment process for both merchants and customers
  • Industry-agnostic payment solution
  • The highest level of PCI compliance

“You are a great partner, and we are extremely happy. What AUTHVIA advertises is what they deliver! A great payment option with great customer focus. ”

Sean Mcnabb
CEO and Co-Founder

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