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They were able to streamline their accounts receivable with TXT2PAY, automate payment processes, and increase their efficiency across the board.


Pest Control Services

About Customer

Environmental Pest Service, LLC is the 15th largest pest control company in the United States and a recognized leader in sustainable solutions for termite and pest control, and lawn care services in the southeast, building on a family tradition established more than 100 years ago. The company has four brands: Arrow Environmental Services, Bug Out Service, Skyline Pest Solutions and State Pest Control.


Environmental Pest Service (EPS) needed to streamline its accounts receivable process to gain greater operational efficiencies, enhance the customer experience, and increase cash flow. They adopted Authvia’s integrated TXT2PAY solution and have experienced a remarkable return on investment


EPS receivables were almost exclusively reliant on cash and check paying customers, and the payment collection process was very time consuming for the business to administer. Payment for services would take an average of 22 days to receive, with very few customers paying early.


  • 65% of SMS-enabled customers are paying as many as 10 days early
  • 92% of payments are either early or on time
  • Average days to get paid went from 22 to 8
  • Elimination of time-consuming operational tasks

“We wasted too much time, energy, and effort on dealing with payments. We were still providing service to customers on credit, and also accepting cash, which carried a big administrative burden and theft liability.”

David Bradford
Chief Financial Officer, Environmental Pest Service

Authvia Implementation

EPS contracted with Authvia to build an integrated accounts receivable application that linked Authvia’s TXT2PAY solution to its business management platform, PestPac (by WorkWave).

The solution was designed to automate and streamline the firm’s accounts receivable process by using Authvia’s text and email payment acceptance features to send and receive payment requests to both one-time and recurring pest control customers.

Billing and payment data for TXT2PAY transactions seamlessly passes into the PestPac system, enabling EPS and its customers to review and manage payment details and history. The integrated system also sends automated TXT2PAY messages, prompts, and billings through the customer’s online EPS account portalResults


The integrated solution enabled EPS to upgrade its accounts receivable practices, automate its payment request process, and implement an automated receivables process that minimized internal administrative work and manual processes and eliminated the liability of accepting cash payments.

Almost instantaneously, EPS saw an increase in cash flow with customers paying 64% faster than they had before, and up to ten days earlier with the new TXT2PAY billing process.

EPS was also able to expedite payment requests after completing service calls, streamlining its customer experience, and effectively reducing the number of days to receive a customer payment. On average, the time it takes for a customer to pay has now been cut from 22 days to 8.

The increase in operational efficiency also enabled EPS to re-purpose roles internally, which helped the company manage an exponential growth period without the need to increase staffing.

Furthermore, the firm’s reliance on cash payments ended, which eliminated the possibility of theft and time in the field handling direct payments. It also enabled EPS to redirect the tasks of 3-5 staff members who were handling manual payments in the office.

“Our company’s #1 goal is to provide consumers the ability to do business with us in an easy, convenient way. Our #2 goal is to allow for our employees to work in a convenient and efficient way. Allowing our customers to pay via text achieved both of those goals.”

David Bradford
Chief Financial Officer, Environmental Pest Service

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