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Simple, Pay Ahead & Pay Contacless | AuthVia

PetVet365 was able to use TXT2PAY during the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in safer experiences for staff and employees while streamlining payments and work processes.

  • Industry: Veterinary
  • Company Size: Small
  • Number of TXT2PAY Users: 3

PetVet365’s three locations in Kentucky struggled in two main areas: navigating how to accept payments in a completely contactless way and providing a simple customer experience.

After signing up for TXT2PAY for Zipwhip, they have been able to leverage text payments as a completely contactless payment solution that has also streamlined their patient checkout process.


Covid-19 has changed the way veterinary offices interact with their customers and led to challenges, especially for those that require in-person payments. PetVet365 employees have had to adapt to manually entering in credit card information and being card couriers between customers in their vehicles and their POS system at the front desk. Contactless payments were a major source of strain for customers and employees both in terms of time and safety.

Additionally, most of PetVet365 customers work during normal business hours and need to pick up their pets at the end of the business day, around 4 or 5 p.m. This created an influx of customers all at once that were difficult to process quickly as the staff had to step outside the office, identify the customer and retrieve payment, return to the POS system and process payment, and again return to the customer to finalize payment and bring out their pet.

PetVet365 tried and used other text-based payment solutions and found them to be clunky, as they often required the payment requests to be sent from a different number than their primary business line. This caused confusion for many of their customers, who required additional calls or contacts to walk them through the payment process and to verify if a payment had gone through.

PetVet365 needed a solution that allowed them to process payments in a simplified contactless way, while also helping their customers during surge hours from their primary business text line.

“We worked with Zipwhip early on as a prime way of communicating with our clients via text. So being able to add that payment piece inside the same communication stream is just a no brainer. As soon as I saw the email about TXT2PAY, I said “We’ve got to do this.” I was hoping it would end up being as good as it sounded, and it absolutely has been.”

Andrea Johnson
DVM, Owner


TXT2PAY for Zipwhip is now the primary payment method for PetVet365. The team uses it for payment requests after general checkups and both pre- and post-surgery.

PetVet365 now experiences a much faster payment completion time since requesting payments via TXT2PAY for Zipwhip. The platform is fully contactless and payment is completed exclusively through text message, removing the burden of forcing staff and customers to wait on a manual payment process at the front desk. This has greatly simplified and improved the overall customer experience and customers have been able to easily adopt text payments. The smart features of TXT2PAY automatically know whether a customer has a payment method on file and assists the customer in adding one if they don’t in a matter of seconds. Return customers have seen the most notable benefit; if they have already added a payment method on file with TXT2PAY, they simply reply to the payment request text with the last four digits of their phone number to complete payment. Customers are loving text-based payment requests because the entire process is completely contactless and allows them to pay ahead of the time of pickup, saving everyone additional time.

TXT2PAY has also been an excellent tool for the team’s internal organization and efficiency. The ability to request payments ahead of customers picking up their pets has created an incredibly efficient workflow and made the team’s workflows much simpler. Additionally, leveraging the power of templates within Zipwhip has allowed the team to send and receive payments within seconds instead of minutes.

Not only has TXT2PAY for Zipwhip helped PetVet365 maintain existing client relationships but it has simplified contactless payments and improved operational efficiency across the board.

PetVet365’s Favorite Features

Real-time payments

Staff can request and receive contactless payments from customers in seconds


The team has increased their operational efficiency with saved payment request messages

4-digit confirmation

Return customers can complete payment requests by entering the last four digits of their phone number

Mobile security

Authvia is a certified level 1 PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) software provider

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