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Partner case study
Zipwhip with AuthVia

Zipwhip, the leading business text software in North America that has helped more than 30,000 businesses connect with customers over SMS, wanted to expand their offerings to include text-based payments.

So, we partnered to integrate our TXT2PAY solution with Zipwhip’s platform, allowing their clients to conduct easy, fast, and secure customer transactions.

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Results via Authvia:

  • Zipwhip’s client value increased by 250%
  • Client satisfaction improved
  • They continued to flourish as an industry leader in innovation

“When you send a TXT2PAY request, your customer only needs their mobile device to complete the payment and they do it through their native texting app. Our thousands of customers nationwide have found that texting increases engagement and expedites interactions, and now it’s directly adding revenue as well.”

John Lauer
Chief Executive Officer of Zipwhip

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