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TransAct had clients looking for innovative, secure ways to accept payments. Adding Authvia into their suite of products solved that need.


TransAct’s founder and president, Mary Ann Robinson, is a lifelong entrepreneur whose grassroots as a business professional date back to her youth, growing up working in her family’s small business. After earning a B.S. in Computer Science and MBA, Robinson launched a successful career in the payment processing industry. She founded TransAct with the intention of helping businesses of every size and industry capitalize on the advantages of payment processing.

Authvia’s product has revolutionized the way our clients are able to get paid for products and services. When we seek partners to compliment the payment service offerings we currently have in place – Authvia stood hands above others considered. The secure process makes it easy for our clients to get paid from their customers. Our clients receive secure payment via text within seconds of sending the request. This is a win-win for us, our clients, and their consumers.

Mary Ann Robinson
Founder and President at TransAct
  • Industry:
    Financial Services
  • Headquarters:
    Doylestown, Pennsylvania, United States
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With full-scale payment processing and custom-built merchant services, TransAct needs to be on the cutting edge of payments to provide a full breadth of services to their merchants.


TransAct offers TXT2PAY SMS payment processing through Authvia. Using Authvia’s TXT2PAY interface, TransAct clients can send a payment link straight to their consumer’s mobile device so they can pay via debit/credit card or check with a quick tap of their screen. The payment gets processed immediately, so merchants know the moment they have been paid. This enables TransAct to be at the forefront of innovation and technology, and truly serve the needs of her merchants.


  • Safe and secure payment processing
  • Shorter turnaround in time to get paid
  • Having options on hand for payment processing increases likeliness of receiving payment

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