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Paper and Email Invoice Replacement | AuthVia

Easily send out text invoices and payment requests for faster payments and higher customer satisfaction.


Many businesses send monthly or epostic invoices to their customers after a service is performed. Typically, these invoices are either printed and mailed or sent via email. There are significant drawbacks to these approaches: mail is both expensive and slow while less than 20% of emails are ever read. The end result of either of these options is slow payment requiring many outreach attempts.


TXT2PAY is a great addition, or alternative to traditional invoicing methods. Once invoices are generated, send the invoice in a payment request. The consumer will receive it instantly and be able to pay quickly. If the consumer has a payment method on file, they will be able to pay right from their text messages. Many businesses use this approach as their first line of billing. Any customer that does not respond, or would prefer a paper invoice can still use traditional billing options.

Products used:

  • Payment Conversations

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