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Today Payments Announces Strategic Partnership with Authvia

February 16, 2023

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New partnership to bring patented conversational commerce solutions to QuickBooks customers with patented text-to-pay technology.

San Diego, CA: Today Payments, Inc., one of the fastest-growing electronic funds transfer processors in the United States, today announced a new partnership with Authvia. This partnership brings a fully integrated experience to Today Payments merchants currently using QuickBooks. Merchants can now easily and securely use Authvia’s conversational commerce solutions, including the patented TXT2PAY® technology, within their Secure QuickBooks Plugin / Cloud application.

 “We’re always looking for new and innovative ways for our merchants to get paid faster without sacrificing security, simplicity, and convenience,” says Leigh Cook, President at Today Payments. “We found all of that with Authvia.”

 “This partnership with Today Payments is an incredible step forward in our efforts to expand the reach of conversational commerce to businesses and customers,” says Chris Brunner, CEO at Authvia. “With our patented technology and dedication to making customer payments fast, convenient, and safe, we can help Today Payments deliver solutions via their Secure QB Plugin /Cloud software so that their merchants and merchants’ customers can better engage and transact.”

 The benefits of this new partnership include:

 ●     Merchants can easily and securely request and receive text payments via Quickbooks that automatically reconcile within minutes, thereby significantly reducing days sales outstanding (DSO).

●     A secure and convenient customer payment experience that allows customers to make a payment in the text thread by texting a transaction specific four-digit code.

●     Eliminate PCI and credit card fraud exposure by no longer needing to take cards over the phone.

About Today Payments: The Good Funds Gateway and its software integrations, they believe, is the most robust payment processing gateway providing “Good Funds” transactions, Real-time Payments, Request for Payment RfP™, Instant PaymentsSame-Day ACH, FedNowSM, Electronic Check, Credit Card, Debit Card and Paper Check conversion/payment solutions all with one convenient login with the additional benefit of accounting software integrations! Their clients benefit from a comprehensive suite of payments products and services. Their customers receive faster availability of funds on deposited items and instant notification of items presented for deposit—all based on real-time activity. They are dedicated to providing superior customer service and industry-leading technology, with tools to help organizations of all sizes reduce transaction costs, mitigate risk, and increase efficiencies. Their real-time system ensures proper Authentication, Authorization, Verification, Settlement, Notifications and Postings.

About Authvia: Authvia is an innovative SaaS company at the forefront of mobilizing commerce with patented text-to-pay technology revolutionizing how businesses and consumers engage and transact. Their patented TXT2PAY solution seamlessly orchestrates finance, communication, and technology to support and secure transactions via text messaging and other message-based communication channels, such as chat or WhatsApp. For more information, visit www.authvia.com.

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