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Modernize the Payment Experience

Using Authvia’s patented TXT2PAY® solution, merchants can securely request and receive payments instantly via text; eliminating risk and safeguarding all data, prioritizing the consumer’s experience, and increasing the speed to payment.


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Meet your Customers Where They Are


reduction in days sales outstanding i.e. get paid faster


of consumers
today are messaging with businesses


of consumer text messages are opened compared to only 20% of email

Adding Commerce to Conversations

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Authvia’s TXT2PAY patented solution enables merchants to securely request and receive payments via text; getting paid up to 10 times faster while delivering their consumers the modernized - secure, contactless, and convenient - mobile payment experience they are looking for. 

Circle 1 The merchant sends payment request via text
Circle 2 The consumer simply approves the transaction with a simple four-digit response
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Merchants Get the Freedom to Choose

In a matter of minutes, merchants can sign up to utilize Authvia’s payment portal or connect to one of over 200+ payment processors and gateways. Implementation is fast and adoption is easy, making it ideal for one-off purchases, recurring payments, and more.


Businesses can easily get set-up with TXT2PAY in minutes. Enabling them to:

  • Get paid faster
  • Request and receive payments in a single messaging thread
  • Customize their solution using pre-built applications, partnering with an integrated solutions provider, such as leading ISV and CPaaS, or build their own with the API, web components and no-code apps

Any Business

Any Consumer


Consumers are provided an easy, convenient and contactless payment experience. Merchant businesses meet the consumer aka their customers where they are:

  • Use integrated messaging channels or bring your own  
  • Multiple messaging partners
  • Multiple conversational channels (text, chat, email, social)
  • Other channels (web, print, QR codes, links)


Use Authvia's fully integrated and patented TXT2PAY solution or bring your own processor or gateway:

  • 200+ payment processors and gateways
  • Advanced gateway integrations
  • TXT2PAY, Hosted Payment Pages, Card Capture and more

Any Processor

Trusted by Thousands


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