Payments Infrastructure For Messaging

Flexible APIs give software companies everything they need to implement message-based payment in their platforms. 

Create your own custom integration, use pre-built web components or launch immediately with a no-code solution. 

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A Better Experience

Delight your Customers and Get Paid Faster

Add simple, secure payments to your text and chat conversations. Authvia's patented technology makes paying as simple as replying to a message.

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Conversational Commerce

The Evolution of Digital Payments

Messaging is the fastest growing channel for business-to-consumer communication.  Join the thousands of businesses who have changed the way they bill, invoice and accept donations with message-based payments. 

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Payments Belong in Conversations

Add Commerce to Conversations

Leading software platforms (ISVs), Chat and Text messaging providers (CPaaS), ERP, CRM and enterprise IT departments use Authvia Conversational Commerce to accelerate payments, eliminate PCI exposure, streamline back-office operations all while delighting consumers with a modern payment experience. 

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    Authvia offers a variety of solutions enabling businesses of any size to create a rich, personal payment experience for their customers using message-based payments. 

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    Intelligent Conversations

    Authvia's Conversations have intelligence built in. Messaging, payment options and interfaces all dynamically adapt based on the business, consumer and partner profiles. 

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    Built for Developers

    Deliver the complete Conversational Commerce experience with just a few API calls. Authvia offers a variety of implementation options including low-code and no-code solutions.

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Payment Requests

Using Authvia Payment Conversations, businesses can request message-based payments and get paid up to 6x faster. Conversations are great for a variety of billing and payment use cases including:

  • Invoicing 
  • Curbside Pickup
  • One-time Purchases
  • Subscriptions
  • Hybrid Billing Models
  • Donations

Learn more about Payment Conversations here

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Intelligence Built In

With Authvia's Conversational Commerce Platform, neither the business or the developer need to worry about the details. Authvia optimizes the messaging, payment options and payer experience based on what we know about the customer, business, and conversation:

  • First-time customer?
  • Do we need to capture a card?
  • What payment methods are supported?
  • Need to display convenience fees?
  • Is the device secure?
  • Are we messaging over text, web chat, or email?

These factors dynamically change what's displayed, allowing you to provide an optimal customer experience.


Accelerate Your Development and Delivery 

The Conversational Commerce API allows you to deliver a message-based payment experience with just a few API calls. Let Authvia handle the messaging, gateway connections and complexities of customer conversations. Want to customize your implementation further? Check out Authvia's Commerce Tools featuring:

  • Hosted Payment Page
  • Card Capture Widget
  • Card Charge Widget
  • Messaging API
  • Transaction API
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Freedom to Choose

Implement Payment Conversations with the most trusted API while still having the freedom to
choose your messaging and payments partners 

Authvia Amoeba 6-1


Any Business

Use TXT2PAY to request payment and get paid faster

  • Pre-built applications
  • Partner solutions integrated by leading ISV and CPaaS
  • Build you own with the API, web components and no-code apps
Any Consumer
Any Consumer

Use our integrated messaging channels or bring your own

  • Multiple messaging partners
  • Multiple conversational channels
    (text, chat, email, social)
  • Old-school channels
    (web, print, QR codes, links)
Any Processor

Use Authvia Payments or bring your own processor or gateway

  • 150+ integrated payment partners
  • Advanced gateway integrations
  • TXT2PAY, Hosted Payment Pages, Card Capture and more 
One Authvia

Patented Conversational Commerce Platform 

  • Consumer Wallet
  • Risk and politeness rules
  • PCI and messaging compliance

Learn How Authvia Can Maximize Your Business Growth

Whether you’re an ISV, CPaaS or Enterprise, Authvia can help accelerate payments by meeting customers where they are today - texting.
No apps to download, no usernames or passwords.When customers pay faster your business grows.