Go from zero to paid at the speed of text.

Make transactions easier, faster, and more secure.

Put your payment pedal to the metal with our patented TXT2PAY® technology.

With a simple and secure text exchange, you’ll eliminate inefficient paper invoices and the PCI non-compliance risk of taking payments over phone—which means less clutter, faster payments, and happier customers.

Let’s talk, er, text:

With AUTHVIA, businesses:

Accelerate cash flow via payments in seconds

Contactless payments like TXT2PAY® are 10x faster than in-person options.

Eliminate PCI risk via airtight compliance

TXT2PAY® offers the highest level of PCI compliance to keep customer data secure.

Gain higher satisfaction scores via improved CX

More than 80% of consumers prefer TXT2PAY® for fast, simple, and secure transactions.

Set up simply via seamless integration

TXT2PAY® is integrated with over 200+ processors.

And customers:

Opt-in easily via no new app download

Transactions happen in a single message thread—no logins or passwords needed.

Bypass checkout lines via a simple text exchange

TXT2PAY® is contact-free, so picking up purchases and prescriptions is grab-and-go.

Keep receipts and documentation via secure digital wallet

Consumers can access purchase history and send documents effortlessly,

Try our free TXT2PAY® demo now:

  1. The merchant sends payment request via text
  2. The consumer simply approves the transaction with a simple secure code
  3. Payment complete

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Trusted by thousands

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