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Maverick Payments Announces Strategic Partnership with Conversational Commerce Leader, Authvia

April 25, 2022

Posted by Authvia Team | 2 Minute Read

Partnership Expands Integrated Payment Platforms

LOS ANGELES, CA, (published EINPresswire.com) Authvia is now integrated into the Maverick Payments gateway, enabling all of Maverick’s merchants to use Authvia’s powerful conversational commerce tools for both credit cards and ACH (eCheck) processing. The patented pay-by-text solution, TXT2PAY®, allows merchants to get paid faster, reduce PCI scope, and provide customers with a fantastic payment experience. According to a recent market study, 95% of all text messages are opened and responded to within 3 minutes. With Authvia, merchants can quickly, easily, and securely request and receive payments over text, providing their consumers with a simple and convenient payment experience from their own mobile devices. Consumers don’t have to wait in line for a tap-and-go checkout or give their payment information over the phone – they can pay on-site or on the go with TXT2PAY.

“We are excited about Authvia as an integrated partner to the Maverick platform, enabling our network of partners and resellers to easily leverage Authvia’s text-to-pay solution for both card and ACH payment processing through Maverick,” said Ben Griefer, COO of Maverick Payments. “The experience, service level, and technology that Authvia offers clients combined with the lightning-fast onboarding of the Maverick Dashboard is a massive win for our sales partners.”

“Consumer demand for text-based commerce is surging, so the timing of our partnership with Maverick Payments couldn’t better”, said Christopher Brunner, Founder & CEO of Authvia. “83% of consumers want to pay with their mobile device, yet only 4% of businesses offer a pay-by-text option. With the launch of this partnership, all of Maverick’s merchants and partners will be able to engage consumers with a modern, real-time payment experience.”

About Authvia
Authvia is an innovative, Los Angeles-based SaaS company at the forefront of mobilizing commerce with patented text-to-pay technology. That technology includes the flagship software application TXT2PAY®, which delivers a highly secure, fast, and contactless payment option via text messaging and other message-based communication channels, such as chat or What’s App. Authvia connects a business, consumer, and payment processor quickly and easily, expediting cash flow and streamlining payment processes. For more information, visit https://www.authvia.com

About Maverick Payments
Since 2000, Maverick has worked with thousands of merchants and partners providing white-glove support and industry-leading payment processing services.

A full-service processor, all operations are handled internally, including partner and merchant support, underwriting and on-boarding, risk, and compliance monitoring.

With an industry-leading dashboard, feature-rich, and both merchant and partner-facing, Maverick makes it easy to scale in a frictionless manner while providing immense value-added features and service. Easily implemented payment processing services offered to business clients that are technology-enabled, lucrative, and an overall win-win for everyone. From our proprietary payment gateway, ACH processing, and acquiring, our solution is a complete all-in-one solution from a user experience and API perspective.

Privately held, family-owned, and operated, Maverick is nimble, forward-thinking, and competitive when compared to the larger players in the space. Full-service coupled with our industry-leading technology designed to grow your business. For more information, visit maverickpayments.com

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