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Commerce Conversations

Simple, yet feature-rich way to request and receive a payment using your messaging and payment partner of choice.

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    Payment Conversation

    Request and receive a payment using your messaging and payment partner of choice, accelerating payment, automating billing and delighting customers.


    Great for: monthly invoicing, contact-free checkout, curbside pickup, service billing.

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    Card Capture Conversations

    Easily capture a new credit or debit card for future use, eliminating expensive customer interactions, delayed payments and late fees.


    Great for: eliminating PCI from the contact center, securing reservations, upcoming delivery or services, replacing expired or invalid stored cards

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    Approval Conversations

    Request and receive a specific, auditable approval to automate attestation for important events and activities.


    Great for: approval to start work, appointment confirmation, verify delivery or receipt of goods.

Payment Conversation Features
  • Patented in-message payment approval
  • Optimize experience for repeat customers 
  • 150+ processors supported for credit, debit and ACH
  • Convenience and Service fees
  • Flexible tokens: tokenize with Authvia, process with anyone
  • Web and text receipts
  • Advanced fraud mitigation
  • Create customer wallets for future use
Card Capture Conversation Features
  • Optimize experience for repeat customers 
  • Patented in-message payment approval
  • Support for credit, debit, ACH
  • Automatically tokenize payment method with processor of choice
  • Advanced fraud mitigation
  • Create customer wallet for future use
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Approval Conversation Features
  • Templated messages with customizable variables 
  • Unique approval code for each request
  • Text notification confirming approval for consumer
  • Monitor approvals using webhooks and API

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One API call and Authvia manages the complexities of messaging, payments, security, risk and delivering a fantastic customer experience


Branded experience → include your company name & logo


Custom messages → personalize the consumer experience


Welcome message → personalized greeting for customers


Reminders → service notifications with a payment request


Multi-channel communications → text, chat, and IM supported


Payment options → text payment, text-a-link, QR code support


"The biggest advantage, not only to Orthodox, but also the customers, is that its very easy and efficient. Requests go right to their phone and they're able to complete the payment."


- Nick Evangelist

VP of Operations

Ready to Get Started?

Implementing Conversations is easy and we are here to help.

Authvia Conversations seamlessly handle the complexities surrounding payments, messaging, card management, and UI/UX interactions into one easy to implement API. You think about how and when to start the payment conversation and Authvia handles the rest.


Intuitive API and clear documentation make it easy to create payment conversations and change the way you get paid.

Accelerate Implementation with Low-Code and No-code Solutions





Zapier, the leading workflow automation platform, connects conversations to your apps.

  • Automatically send payment requests from other solutions

  • Update solutions in real-time as payments are made

  • Prebuilt Zaps require no code or development to integrate with third party applications like Quickbooks, Zero, Google sheets, and Freshbooks

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Web Components provide the power of Conversational Commerce with a low-code implementation.

  • HTML 5 web components are built to be embedded and live seamlessly in your application

  • Stylize to match your brand and pass in existing billing data

  • Mix and match widgets to meet your needs. Authvia is always adding new widgets so you can quickly expand your functionality without writing code.


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