Hosted Payment Page

Card Charge Widget

Card Capture Widget

Transaction API

Tokenization Service

Messaging API

Built for Fast Deployment

  • Customizable to match your branding

  • Pre-integrated to 150+ payment gateways and processors

  • Designed to be embedded seamlessly within your environment

  • Effectively reduces PCI-exposure 

HTML 5  Web Components and Hosted Payments Pages extend your commerce capabilities

Authvia provides Developers and Businesses with tools  designed to extend their Conversational Commerce implementation. A growing library of HTML 5 web components provide pre-built functionality that can be easily dropped into place. Better yet, these components are made to work together, sharing data seamlessly. 


Hosted Payment Page

A robust, easily customizable payment page for a variety of ecommerce and online businesses that need a flexible way to take online payments.

  • PCI-scope reduction – Focus on your business, let Authvia focus on making sure your payments page is PCI compliant
  • Easily linked or embedded in an iframe

Card Charge Widget

A simple, embeddable widget for any business to hand-key a transaction on behalf of a customer.

  • Create your own PCI compliant interface for your team
  • Build your own Virtual Terminal

Card Capture Widget

Easily capture a new credit or debit card directly from a consumer and receive a secure token from Authvia

  • Eliminate expensive customer interactions, delayed payments and late fees.
  • Reduce PCI in the contact center while securing reservations, upcoming delivery or services, and replacing expired or invalid stored cards

Commerce API

Extend your payments solutions

Work seamlessly with Conversations, Hosted Payment Pages, Card Charge Widgets, Card Capture Widgets, and more...

Tran API2

Transaction Service

Process a transaction from a card, ACH, Authvia token or processor specific token

  • Common call used across 150+ gateway integrations provides you a universal API
  • Reporting, status, and customer management API available across the platform

Tokenization Service

Request and receive Authvia or gateway-specific payment tokens. Tokenize your customer’s sensitive payment data and receive a secure token that can’t be used by hackers.

  • Authvia tokens can be used across 150+ processors and gateways
  • Use gateway-specific tokens to interoperate with existing payment applications
  • Flexibility to tokenize a card multiple times with multiple gateways

Messaging Service

Send and receive ad-hoc messages and notifications. 

  • Extend SMS conversations with custom messages
  • Use Authvia provisioned lines or bring your own

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