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Send Payment Requests From Any Phone Or Web Browser.


Send payment requests from any phone or web browser using Authvia’s powerful HTML 5 web app. Built for businesses of all sizes, TXT2PAYx is adaptable for use in the office or on the go.

TXT2PAYx is easy to implement and simple for your frontline staff and customers to use. Better yet, consumers will pay for goods and services faster because they’re comfortable using text and already know what to do! 

Text-based Payment Requests

  • Works on any mobile device or computer

  • Send individual or bulk requests

  • Quick and easy account setup

  • Accept credit/debit and ACH

Consumer Approves Payment Through Text

  • Uses native SMS feature on any mobile device

  • No apps or passwords

  • Easy four-digit code to approve payment

Immediate Confirmation

  • Consumer see payment success with a professional receipt link

  • Truly contact-free transactions

  • Completely secure and PCI-DSS compliant

Abbie -1-1

TXT2PAYx is feature-rich, intuitive to use and great for a variety of businesses. 


Starting at $10/month.  

Get Started Now

Sign up today and see TXTPAYx in action. All accounts start in training mode so new users can become familiar with the application. When you are ready to start accepting payments, create a processing account and start sending payment requests.

Send payment requests from any phone or web browser. Get started now in trial mode for free and experience what real TXT2PAY is all about.

If you are a provider of services such as business management/ERP,
billing, invoicing, accounting, CRM, your customers can connect their
Authvia conversation and transaction data to your platform.

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more capabilities

It's easy, fast and great...


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Sign up now for free and try TXT2PAYx in training mode
Authvia for Salesforce screen

All Invoicing and Payments Data in Salesforce 


Authvia for Salesforce is the premier payment solution for Salesforce. Simple implementation, robust features and interoperability with native Salesforce objects make this a must have application.

  • Works with Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, Cases, Orders, Billing, and custom objects.
  • Supports Classic UI Experience and Lightning.
  • Non-Profit (NPSP) supported at no extra charge.
  • Pricing designed to scale for orgs of all sizes
  • Rated as 5-star in AppExchange 
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Ready To Go Integrations


Integrates with many popular AppExchange products including form builders, document (invoice) generation, lending apps, and more.

Preconfigured to support over 150 payment processors and gateways for Credit, Debit and ACH transactions. Don't have a processor yet? We can supply one, fully integrated with same-day underwriting.  



Authvia for Salesforce logo



Authvia For Salesforce Delivers Billing, Invoicing, TXT2PAY And More 

Armed with a smartphone in hand, your customers expect to manage everything from their phone - including receiving and paying their bills. A multi-channel payment processing solution can give you the edge you need to not only exceed customer expectations but also to help you run your business more efficiently - on your terms.

Features include: Billing and Invoicing over text and email, Virtual Terminal, Recurring Payment Schedules, Refunds, ACH Return and Chargeback Management, Automatic Late and Convenience Fees, and more.

Bill payments are often the most frequent touch point between companies and their customers, so it's important to deliver the right experience. Authvia for Salesforce makes it easy for your customers to connect with you and pay their bills anytime and anywhere, using the payment channels and methods they prefer.


Send Payment Requests via text & email


Embed in Communities, your site or mobile app


Secure hosted payment page


Virtual terminal within Salesforce


Automated recurring payments


All invoicing and payment data in Salesforce


Manage refunds, ACH returns, card chargebacks


Configurable message templates,  fees, min/max policies & more


Lightning or Classic, standard or custom object

"Up and Running within a Week…+80% Efficiency Gains"

Kevin Simons, CEO of Sonus 

Success Stories
Authvia Biller Direct Portal


  • tick-img Customizable merchant billing portal
  • tick-img Whitelabeld consumer payment portal
  • tick-img Robust virtual terminal with TXT2PAY
  • tick-img API and batch upload capabilities
  • tick-img Easily manage recurring payment plans
  • tick-img Process with multiple payment providers
Learn More about Authvia Biller Direct

Complete Billing and Invoicing Platform

Authvia does the heavy lifting for you and your customers. The web-based customer portal and optional auto-pay features makes paying a snap for any customer. And of course TXT2PAY and email invoices are included automatically. What's more, the whole platform is completely customizable so your customer experience your brand, messaging and style.

Whether you are billing 10 customer or 100,000, integrating and managing the Authvia Biller Direct Portal is easy with our merchant portal, REST API, and easy bulk upload and synchronization capabilities. 

Take Control of Your Payment & Communications With Authvia Direct Connect

Speak to a member of our sales team to learn more.