TXT2PAY for Zipwhip

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Easy Payment Requests

Accepting payments via text is as easy as selecting a payment template, filling in the amount and description and then Authvia will automatically request payment from your customer and deposit funds to your bank.

  • Authvia takes care of payment compliance
  • Customers appreciate contactless payments
  • Your business gets paid quickly

    We combine TXT2PAY and payment processing into one easy rate of 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction for debit and credit cards and 1% (capped at $10) for ACH or e-check transactions. We also offer discounts based on processing volume.

    If you have a processor you already love, it's likely we love them too. TXT2PAY is connected to dozens of processors and gateways.

    Contact us to discuss volume discounts or how to link your current processor to TXT2PAY.

Simple Setup!

Link your Account

Once you link your Zipwhip account to TXT2PAY, a Payment Request Template will be added to your template library and your account will be in training mode.

Training Mode

Training mode allows you to send payment requests to your own mobile line (or others!), to see how it works. There are no fees charged until you have created a payment processing account.

Go Live

Sign up for Authvia Payments or connect your existing processor when you are ready to go live and accept payments via text.