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Never have an abandoned cart due to payment issues again.

AuthVia allows users to easily pay through text for products, purchases, and services. Customers often need an efficient way to approve and pay one-off expenses not covered with their subscription or membership. Initial sign up fees, extra services,

Improve customer satisfaction and business efficiency with AuthVia TXT2PAY

Customers easily approve payment through texts for subscriptions and automated billing. For businesses that rely on recurring or subscription payments, setting their customers up with automated monthly payments is a no brainer. But for their

Go Green and Get Paid Quicker with AuthVia.

Easily send out text invoices and payment requests for faster payments and higher customer satisfaction. Many businesses send monthly or epostic invoices to their customers after a service is performed. Typically, these invoices are either printed

AuthVia Improves Call Center Efficacy and Security with TXT2PAY

Speed up call center payments and stay in PCI compliance. Call centers frequently receive calls from consumers who would like to make a payment against their account. This puts call centers in a precarious position where they want to provide a good

AuthVia Provides Turnkey Solutions for CPaaS Companies

Easily send invoices, collect payments, and more with TXT2PAY. Businesses of all sizes in all verticals are increasingly adopting CPaaS platforms as a way to communicate with their customers. Inevitably, those conversations often result in the

Automated Monthly Payments Just Got a Whole Lot Easier with AuthVia.

Get your money faster with easy and automated billing while saving your customers time and energy. For businesses that rely on recurring subscription payments, setting their customers up with automated monthly payments is a no brainer. But for their

Allow your Customers to Update Their Payment Methods Through Texts

Easily send your customers automated payment requests when their payment method fails. Inevitably, some portion of a business’s cards on file don’t work each month. Whether the card expired, there were insufficient funds or some other reason, the

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