Software Partner Services

AuthVia's API-first integration suite enables software partners with the technology they need to advance key business relationships by enabling clients with state-of-the-art and contact-free SMS mobile payment solutions. Our TXT2PAY API solution is flexible and easily integrates with SaaS, ERP, Accounting, CRM solutions, and more...

Key Features

State Monitoring

Drive processing in AuthVia’s merchant services directly from partner platforms. Event Listeners monitor partner state triggering merchant services actions. When complete, we report back the outcome.

Merchant Portal

Add new merchants, re-configure existing merchants, monitor merchant activity, and directly manage the end-to-end merchant environment.

Robust API

AuthVia provides a comprehensive API for integrating native capabilities into partner systems. Select desired capabilities and easily incorporate into partner systems.

Custom Solutions

Highly skilled AuthVia engineers work directly with partners to customize solutions to fit their needs.

Partner Value

Rapid integration.
Use AuthVia’s event listeners and call backs
to rapidly integrate out-of-the-box solutions.

Easy merchant management.
AuthVia’s Merchant Portal makes
it easy to add, update andmanage merchants.

Safe and secure.
Leverage security vault technology for
end-to-end security

Multiple integration options.
Simple state monitoring, API integration,
or customized solutions.

Flexible to partner needs.
The right capabilities for the right job.

Full Service.
Integrate partner platforms directly
into the AuthVia payment ecosystem.