Payments Platform

Beyond payments, AuthVia offers a wide variety of merchant solutions supporting end-to-end payment flows, billing, consumer management, payment analytics, and consumer insights.

Key Features

Fast Setup

Up and running within 10 minutes using your existing gateway, or use our gateway services and be up the same day.

Consumer Management

Add, update, invite and invoice your customers easily and conveniently.


Invoice and accept payments online via links, autopay, and consumer portals.

Bulk Billing

Invoice, bill and text multiple customers in one step.

Recurring Billing

Automate billing for recurring and subscription-type payments.

Fee and Discount Management

Setup and manage fees, discounts, and surcharges.

Gateway and Marketplace Integration

Directly integrates with your own gateway and marketplace or use our gateway and marketplace services.

Comprehensive Analytics and Reporting

Merchant API

Merchant Value

Setup text billing and payments in minutes

Integrate with your existing gateway
and marketplace providers -
or use AuthVia services

Fast, easy invoicing

Detailed consumer insights

Flexible management of fees,
discounts and surcharges

One-step bulk processing.
mass-upload payment links,
invoices, customer data
as a single operation

Flexible Billing.
Embedded support for accrual,
subscription, and re-billing

Highly adaptable and extendable.
Extend/adapt core functionality
with AuthVia’s merchant
and payments APIs