Marketplaces are emerging eco-systems where thousands of merchants come together to leverage services and solutions designed for their vertical offering. AuthVia allows merchants to offer innovative payment and communication solutions to their consumers without ever leaving their marketplace.

Key Features

Key Features

Salesforce Marketplace out-of-the-box

LightningPay™ for Salesforce - ready-to-use connection to AuthVia.

Seamless Integration

With any marketplace via the Marketplace API.

Marketplace Insights

Analytics & Merchant Portal.

Customized Marketplace

Unique services for any merchant.

Safe and Secure

Security vault technology for end-to-end security.

Full Service

Integrate any marketplace directly into the AuthVia payment ecosystem.

Merchant Value

Easy integration with
AuthVia payments

Easily incorporate
merchants into
your marketplace.

Expand functionality
with customized
integrations with AuthVia