Payments Platform

AuthVia’s payments platform provides merchants the ability to direct bill and consumers to direct pay via text message.

It operates at the intersection of text messaging, merchant billing, consumer bill payments, and the broader payments ecosystem of gateways, marketplaces, and third-party software, reducing time-to-cash to seconds. Most importantly, it works within the broader payment industry infrastructure and is easily adapted to every situation.

Key Features

Consumer Value

No Hassle Billing

No hassle billing. Merchants bill directly to consumers via any mobile device’s text messaging app and AuthVia’s learning capabilities intelligently times notifications based on consumer sentiment, intent and context.

Consumer Portal

With AuthVia’s Consumer Portal, consumers can make payments, view invoices and payment histories, change settings, and manage payment information.

Easy Payments

Respond to the billing text, enter a security PIN, and the bill is paid.

Simple One-Time Setup

Configure payment information in a few short steps

Safe and Secure

AuthVia’s innovative security vault technology fully complies with regulatory standards ensuring consumer payment security and protection of all consumer information

Merchant Value

Easy Setup

Automated text
message billing



Integrates with

Configurable to
meet merchant

Extend capabilities
via Payments API