Simple. Fast. Contactless.
SMS Payments!

TXT2PAYx is easy to implement and simple for your frontline staff and customers to use. Even better, with TXT2PAYx, consumers will pay for goods and services faster, because they’re comfortable using SMS and already know what to do! Signup today for a free trial account and see how easy TXT2PAYx is to use!

Key Features

Real-Time SMS Transactions

Works on any mobile device or computer

No consumer card data exchanged

Quick and easy account approval

Accommodates credit/debit and ACH

Consumer Responds in SMS to Approve Payment

Uses native SMS feature on any mobile device

No cards, apps or passwords

Easy four-digit code used to authorize payment

Payments are made in seconds!

Immediate Confirmation

Users see payment success with a professional receipt link

Totally contact-free transactions

Completely secure and PCI DSS compliant

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