No Cards, No Apps, No Passwords!

  • Authvia TXT2PAY® delivers everything you need to fully integrate robust payment conversations into your applications. Make secure, real-time, truly contactless payment acceptance a reality, while providing customers an unparalleled payment experience. Authvia connects directly to the existing payment gateway or we can also provide a new payment account with a few easy clicks. With a TXT2PAY® integration, consumers will pay faster and they never have the inconvenience of downloading a proprietary app, remembering a password or clicking through to a remote website.
    Payment Request Sent in Text Message
  • - Simple payment request API
  • - No consumer card data
  • - Everyone reads texts
  • - Deliver value quickly with modern APIs and messaging framework
  • Easy Consumer Response Approves Payment
  • - No cards, no apps, no passwords
  • - Easy four-digit code
  • - Takes seconds to pay
  • Immediate Confirmation
  • - Users see payment success
  • - Truly contactless
  • - PCI DSS security
  • Get Started Today!
    Integration is simple. An Authvia representative is standing by to help you take the next step.